Presentation a Success!

Thank you to all who showed interest and attended this presentation.  I enjoyed sharing the experience immensely, and I hope I gave you a sense of the journey and what it looks and sounds like in an Emperor Penguin colony. 

I received a lot of great feedback from the event and put a recorded version on YouTube. Here is the link:  Please feel free to share it.

For those who were having trouble getting onto the Zoom application, I apologize.  I hope you can watch this recording and if you have questions that didn’t get answered, please send me an email at  

I want to say a special thanks to Alan Fitzgerald and Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona for making this exhibition possible.  I am truly grateful for the amount of time, effort and dedication it took from Alan to make this a reality.  

If you get a chance to see it in person at HD South, Gilbert, AZ, I highly recommend it. The museum and Gallery 4 are open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 9am-4pm starting in August. The exhibition will run through October 10, 2020. 

Thank you again for your support,

Dr. Amy Novotny 

Author: Dr. Amy Novotny

Amy Novotny is a physical therapist, marathon/ultra runner and nature photographer. She treats patients for a variety of conditions but specializes in chronic pain and calming an overactive nervous system using special diaphragmatic breathing. She has used this technique to help her qualify and run in four Boston marathons! She enjoys the outdoors and can often be found running and hiking on trails in throughout Arizona. She attempts to capture the beauty of nature with her photography both locally in Arizona and also throughout the United States. She is becoming more interested in wildlife photography and attempting to capture the emotion of animal interactions. In her spare time, Amy volunteers as a photo guide for the Arizona Highways PhotoScapes nonprofit and shares her joy of nature with others. Please feel free to contact her regarding her photography, physical therapy or running.

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