Adventures to Iceland and Greenland

Today I leave the hot, humid weather of Florida for cooler climates once again.  For this adventure, I will be traveling with a good friend and fellow Marathon Maniac, Troy, for 11 days to Iceland and Greenland.  We will meet in Reykjavik, Iceland Sunday morning, August 12, 2018 after a couple flights tonight.

Iceland map 2

Our plan is to get our rental car Sunday morning and set off for Thingvellir National Park.  We will explore it for a bit among many other tourists and then head to our guesthouse for an afternoon nap.  Troy is kindly obliging me in making this a photography journey so we will head out at night to explore the geysers and waterfalls when all other sane people are sleeping.  We will head south on Monday and spend that night photographing more waterfalls and the black sand beaches along the southern coast.  There might even be a puffin or two if we are lucky.  :-).

Iceland map

On Tuesday, we begin our real adventure as we head to the domestic airport to fly over to Greenland! We will join up with others as part of an 8-day tour with Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions.

Iceland to Greenland

We start our journey in Narsarsuaq and will board an RIB boat to travel through the Tunulliarfik Fjord to the viking village, Qassiarsuk.  We get the rest of the day to explore the village and stay overnight in a hostel.

Wednesday morning we head out onto the water again and travel southwest to the Qaleraliq camp, making a short stop in Narsaq, the 3rd most populated town in South Greenland.  We spend the next 3 nights in tents at Qaleraliq camp on a sandy beach among icebergs and glaciers.  I’ve been told that there will be no electricity or light pollution in this area so if we have clear skies, I hope to be out photographing the night sky.   During the day at this camp, we will hike up a mountain to Tasersuatsiaq lake to view the inland glacier, Indlandis; ice trek in crampons on one of the oldest masses of ice on the planet; explore icebergs in RIB boats; and pick wild mushrooms and blueberries!!!!

Greenland map

Saturday morning, August 18, we will head back to Qassiarsuk to run the Leif Ericsson marathon through the countryside–my first international marathon!  Please send all your extra energy my way that day as I’ll be very sleep-deprived by this point! I have no time goals for this one and just hope to finish.  Luckily, we get to pass out in a hostel that night.

The next two days we will hike to several farms in Iceberg’s Bay, explore some viking ruins, visit some icebergs and lakes among the tundra, hike into Flower Valley and kayak in Iceberg Bay, navigating our way through the icebergs.

We say good-bye to Greenland on Tuesday, August 21, after a visit to a museum or a short hike to view more of the glacial scenery in Narsarsuaq. Troy and I fly out in the evening and arrive in Iceland close to midnight.  It will be a quick sleep in a guesthouse before I leave Troy in Iceland (he gets to stay a few more days) and fly back to Orlando Wednesday morning.


I plan on lugging most of my camera gear with me, sacrificing clothes for this journey since there are strict weight limits for the domestic flight from Iceland to Greenland.  I will not have any ability to process any images taken on the camera, and many days I will not have service or electricity to post anything.  When possible, I might be able to throw up a couple iPhone photos to show what we are experiencing.  I’m incredibly excited and can’t wait to share it all with you when I return!

Take care,



Author: Dr. Amy Novotny

Amy Novotny is a physical therapist, marathon/ultra runner and nature photographer. She treats patients for a variety of conditions but specializes in chronic pain and calming an overactive nervous system using special diaphragmatic breathing. She has used this technique to help her qualify and run in four Boston marathons! She enjoys the outdoors and can often be found running and hiking on trails in throughout Arizona. She attempts to capture the beauty of nature with her photography both locally in Arizona and also throughout the United States. She is becoming more interested in wildlife photography and attempting to capture the emotion of animal interactions. In her spare time, Amy volunteers as a photo guide for the Arizona Highways PhotoScapes nonprofit and shares her joy of nature with others. Please feel free to contact her regarding her photography, physical therapy or running.

20 thoughts on “Adventures to Iceland and Greenland”

  1. So happy for you to finally be able to make this journey! I know how much you have been looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see your photos, as your itinerary looks wonderful! Best of luck in Greenland. Will send “energy vibes” your way. Be safe my friend – send up a smoke signal when you can. Love and Hugs 🙂

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  2. Darn, you missed the partial solar eclipse this morning in Iceland. So looking forward to your comments and photos of Iceland as it’s on our radar to visit if possible.

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